All About Reds

Vibrant, burnt or deep red, it is all about the shade! With an incredible array of red tones to choose from there is a red hair colour that suits every face shape, skin tone and personality! Red locks shout attitude and spirit, confidence and fun, from the deepest auburn to strawberry blonde, if you are rocking red you have to keep the colour fresh and the condition beautiful.

purple red















Creating a signature colour with red and violet tones can be electric! Shine and healthy, smooth hair are essential as are sealed cuticles to keep this colour looking rich! It is the perfect colour combination for blue, green & brown eyes and works on dark olive or pale complexions! Rush Hair has perfected another high maintenance red hairstyle that works so wonderfully well so long as the rich tones are maintained from day to day! Disaster will strike if this colour is allowed to fade!

vibrant highlights















Long thick, deep, dark hair with dramatic vibrant red highlights is a strong, bold look that will make your hair the envy of every girl – but make sure you do it professionally! This is a high maintenance hairstyle that must be teamed up with regular salon visits and the correct colour enhancing products. The vibrant red tones used in this hairstyle by Anne Veck, work best on pale skin with underlying pink tones, perfectly contrasting green eyes. You are going to make a statement, be prepared for stares!

copper cult

We love the intensity and impact of this deep copper bob, Surprisingly deep copper hair tones are great enhancers for many of us girls – as a rule, we would say if you are of a very pale complexion or a more olive skin tone this will work best. Copper hair is all you need, stick to darker clothes and let you hair do the talking!

ruby red

Make your statement with a rich red hue! This powerful and striking hair colour by the Trevor Sorbie artistic team is for the most confident of personalities, with head-turning vibrancy this look is all about presence! Incredibly high maintenance, requiring a whole array of salon products that will ensure the colour stays vibrant from day to day. If you are happy to work at it the results and attention are there for the taking! Best suited to pale complexions or dark olive skin tones, green or dark eyes, works well with green, brown, natural and gold makeup!

rustic auburn

Soft, gentle auburn tones by are just perfect for cool skin tones and natural clothes. Rustic Auburn colours are without a doubt a lesser maintenance hair colour and work the natural look beautifully. Beautifully suited to paler complexions, freckles and all eye colours. Keep the condition healthy and wow, a healthy and you will be a glowing natural beauty – girl envy! Rock your red head! Ravishing red heads should always be thinking of the wardrobe benefits. Browns, navy’s, teals, blues and blacks are the perfect colour combos that will highlight those gorgeous red locks, for extra impact add coral! Whilst rose pink was always a total no go area, a little pink blush will work the trend beautifully, naturals, browns and gold shades are the perfect eye highlighters. Protect your red! Reds, more than any other colour are prone to fading, caused by sunlight and general loss of pigment. If you want to be red your hair is going to need an extra large dose of TLC. Styling products with UV protectors are essentials, as are deep oil treatments (think Moroccan Oil) along with regular trims that will improve the condition and reduce the visibility of spilt ends. Lock your colour in with good, professional colour protection shampoos and conditioners and the ultimate investment buy for any desirable red head is a temporary treatment colour that will enhance and add vibrancy to your hair in between salon visits.